Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine refers to medicines with Chinese herbal medicine as the main ingredient, including processed Chinese herbal medicine preparations, Chinese patent medicines, and Chinese herbal medicine slices. Different from chemically synthesized medicines, traditional Chinese medicines are made from natural plants, animals, minerals, and other substances, and are processed and prepared by traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical technology.

Traditional Chinese medicine has a wide range of applications in traditional Chinese medicine, including prevention, treatment, conditioning and so on. Traditional Chinese medicine has become the drug of choice for the treatment of certain diseases due to its mildness, long-lasting curative effect, and few side effects. In addition, traditional Chinese medicine also has the advantage of individualized deployment. According to different constitutions, conditions and treatment purposes, traditional Chinese medicine can be combined, matched, and adjusted to make prescriptions suitable for individuals.

It should be noted that although traditional Chinese medicine is derived from natural plants, when using it, it is necessary to use it rationally according to the doctor's advice and pay attention to factors such as drug dosage and timing of drug use, so as to avoid drug abuse or Adverse reactions caused by improper use.

There are many types of traditional Chinese medicine:

  • Chinese herbal medicine: medicines with natural plants as the main ingredients. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, they can be divided into different grades such as upper medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and lower medicine.
  • Chinese medicine tablet: a pharmaceutical preparation made of Chinese herbal medicine, taken in the form of a tablet.
  • Prepared drug in pieces: dry products made of Chinese herbal medicines, which are easy to store and use, and can be decocted or soaked in water when needed.
  • Proprietary Chinese Medicine: Chinese herbal medicines added to other medicines or made into pharmaceutical dosage forms of Chinese medicine preparations, such as granules, capsules, tablets, etc.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine patch: an external patch made of Chinese herbal medicine as the main ingredient.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine oil preparation: Extract Chinese herbal medicine into essential oil, which can be directly used externally or orally.

In addition, there are various types of traditional Chinese medicine such as traditional Chinese medicine wine, traditional Chinese medicine bath, traditional Chinese medicine powder, traditional Chinese medicine capsule, and traditional Chinese medicine ointment. It should be noted that different types of traditional Chinese medicines have different preparation processes, efficacy, and usage, and they need to be selected and used rationally according to the doctor's advice.

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