Principle of Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment used to treat various health problems. It works by scraping the skin with a Gua Sha pad or similar device to stimulate and improve circulation.

Tools: Gua Sha is usually done using a scraping board, which can be made of various materials such as jade, buffalo horn, ceramic, or medical-grade plastic. Gua sha pads come in different shapes and sizes, but are generally smooth with one wider side for smooth scraping.

Technique: During gua sha, a lubricant, such as sesame oil, herbal oil, or water, is usually applied to the patient's skin. The physician or therapist then uses a gua sha pad to apply moderate pressure on the applied area to scrape and irritate the skin's surface, creating a erythematous and bruising effect.

Effect and mechanism: The stimulation of scraping can cause skin blood vessels to dilate, promote blood circulation and lymph flow, thereby helping to eliminate congestion, relieve muscle tension and promote waste discharge. In addition, scraping can also regulate the function of the autonomic nervous system through nerve stimulation, improve immunity and the body's self-healing ability.
Effect of scraping :

  • Improve respiratory diseases such as colds, nasal allergies, asthma.
  • Treats musculoskeletal problems, including cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, lumbar disc herniation and muscle pain.
  • Improve children's respiratory tract infection, fever, children's enuresis and other problems.
  • Relieve fatigue, relax tendons.
  • Strengthen the body, promote blood circulation.

Note: Gua Sha should be performed by a professionally trained physician or Gua Sha practitioner to ensure correct technique and safety. Before gua sha, one should be aware of one's health status and avoid gua sha on areas with open wounds, skin infections, inflammation, or bleeding tendencies.

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